Welcome to PCx’s unofficial documentation!


A parallel implementation of PCx was prepared by collaborators at Cornell. This version is based on release 1.0 of the Unix version.

PCx is an interior-point predictor-corrector linear programming package and it oficial home page is http://pages.cs.wisc.edu/~swright/PCx/. The code has been developed at the Optimization Technology Center, which is a collaboration between Argonne National Laboratory and Northwestern University.

PCx is designed as a stand-alone solver. Because of its modular structure and fairly transparent data structures, it is not too difficult to integrate into your application. Together with some of our users, we have recently investigated new features such as a callable library and a MATLAB interface.

The official documentation of PCx is a Technical Report write by the authors of PCx (dvi version and ps version). This is a extension of the official documentation.

The source code and documentation for PCx can be obtained through the World Wide Web in https://github.com/r-gaia-cs/PCx. If you need help try this mail list.




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